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What is the process to start and finish a new project?
Information Gathering
What is your business? Very important question. Your problems, needs, challenges, and strengths are unique.
Who is your target audience?
Show us some sites you love.
What is your budget for this project?
What features do you desire (please prioritize)?
What is your time line?
Possible meetings.

We send you a proposal.
You send us the signed proposal and a check for 33% (50% for small projects) to begin work.
You supply (or we produce) content such as logos, images, and text.
We work on coming up with a design (may include collaboration with you).
You approve a design.
You send us a check for another 33% of total project fee.
We build the site.
Site goes live.
You send us final 33% check. You smile big. Everyone is happy.