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Why is your image important?
As the Internet becomes a more popular medium, it is increasingly important for us to think hard about how to represent your Web image.

The four most important aspects of your web site:
DesignThe first thing you notice on a site is the design. The graphics, colors, layout, typeface, and photographs all create an experience. We must consider the demographic of your audience. If the overall experience is positive, your visitors will stay and learn more about what you have to offer.
ContentContent. Is what you are saying on your site interesting, educational, useful, or motivating? If not, your site will be boring and they will go... right over to your competition.
NavigationNavigation. Navigation must be simple and intuitive so that no matter where you are in the site, you can easily get to the next page.
UsabilityUsability is arguably the most important part of web site creation so we've created a page devoted to this here.