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What is the hubbub about accessibility for the disabled?
"... underdogs going into the contest. OceanWebs had the smallest team and they were brought into the competition late. Competing in the toughest division up against heavy hitters like Prodigy and SBC, OceanWebs rocked!"

On October 22, 2002 OceanWebs won 3rd place in the hardest division of AIR Austin 2002, an event where design firms were matched up with local non-profits to create accessible web sites. We were matched with Austin Bodychoir. Take a look at the site we designed and built.

Accessibility for the disabled - It is increasingly important for us to build web sites that are accessible to the elderly and disabled. OceanWebs' programmers have the skill and experience necessary to design and build your web site so that vision-, hearing-, mobility-, and cognitive-impaired people can easily use your web site.

Read more here about why it is important for your site to be designed and built with accessibility in mind.