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Add JavaScript to a Specific Page

(1) Create a text file and name it "include_in_head_home.txt" - put your script in this file.

(2) Go here: http://YOUR SITE URL/admin_menu.asp

(3) Click on "Manage Files"

(4) In the right column that has gray background, click on the top "Choose File" or "Browse" (what buttons you see here depends on which browser you are using) and upload the file you created called "include_in_head_home.txt". NEW: After you choose your file, click "Upload Files".

(5) Edit the home page and save it <-- here you are telling HotKey to rebuild the home page so it now incorporates your changes.

Now I want you to notice the way you named that text file. The key part is "home" as in "include_in_head_HOME.txt". You are telling HotKey "This text file gets added to the header of the file called home.asp." So...

If you want to now add a text file to the header of http://YOUR SITE URL/contact.asp which has a file name of contact.asp then your 2nd text file will now be called "include_in_head_contact.txt"

NOTE: If you are wanting to attach some code [like Google Analytics*, for example] that goes in the BODY of your pages instead of the HEAD, use this method instead:



If you are adding Google Analytics, usually this code is just one generic piece of code that can be added to ALL pages globally. The easiest way to to do this is add your code directly after the tag within the files in your site that are in the include folder and begin with file names like "i_top". Once you change all those "top" files, go to your Admin Menu and choose the "Rebuild Site" option near the bottom.

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