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Google Plus Is Better Than Facebook?

"Google Plus feels better? No way. I tried it. It was a Ghost Town!"
Response: "Oh? How many people did have you circled over on Google Plus?"
Answer: "Thirty."
Newsflash: You have to circle (subscribe/follow/stalk) people in order to have a rich, creamy stream of incoming articles raining upon your uptilted smiling face while dramatic music plays in the background. Where do you think Facebook got the idea of "following" people? Remember when people had to friend you back in order for you to follow them? You couldn't stalk anyone! And because the makers of Google Plus are masters of search, you will find the process of finding people WHO HAVE SIMILAR INTERESTS is much easier than it is on Facebook. I put emphasis above on "interests" because Google Plus is geared more toward your interests than your geography or types of relationships. The cool thing is that you are not limited by this; you can treat it like you do Facebook but it is easier to do much more with it... in bed.
Follow a few thousand people (easy to do) and you will see Google Plus start to feel BIGGER than Facebook. Then your "problem" becomes too much coming all at once and luckily G+ makes it super easy, with "circles" to organize your information stream so the pace feels just right.

That's right. Notice all the ads on the side of the screen when you are using Facebook? There are none in Google Plus. Easier to focus on the exciting stories or animated GIFs of cats doing their endless people experiments or photos of dolphins sliding their smooth way through the seas while embracing their friends with good vibrations.

The interface makes it easy to see and use what you want when you want. Clean, well-groomed, and modern. No baggage. With every post you make, it is obvious and easy to designate who sees that post, making privacy choices easier. For those who like to watch, Google Plus has "Google Hangouts" that in my experience works better than Skype! Try using Skype to video conference with 10 people at once.
Jazzy up your message. When you make a post, do you want to use rich text markup like italics, strikeout, and bold? Do you want it to post a link to an article and it works every time? Do you want to easily edit what you wrote? NOTE: yay, Facebook has copied G+ again and you can edit in Facebook.

In Google Plus, if you post to "public", your posts are visible via Google Search. Also, if you post often about a certain topic, Google gives you "authority" toward that topic and any web sites you have will have their search ranking affected by this. If you run a business or help someone with their "social media marketing", you need to be using G+.

As you may know, Google also owns YouTube and recently upgraded video comments to use Google Plus. If you use YouTube - and you should if you want to promote your business; consult with (me) - you will find this makes your job easier and more effective.

Google at least acts like they care more about your privacy and... they probably do. For years Google has published a dynamic page you can go to and see government requests for information. See it here: Some might say, "Oh but it came out recently that Google was giving user data to the NSA!" Guess what? Google, like many tech companies, had been issued NSLs (National Security Letters" that basically told them, "You will give us the data and you will keep your mouth shut or else you will be charged with treason or worse.") It was only after Edward Snowden spilled the beans that Google was able to join up recently with Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Twitter, AOL, and Facebook, to speak out and begin to fight against the NSA's unconstitutional snooping:

As of December 2013, here's the social networks with the most active users base:
Facebook - 1.19 Billion active users
Google+ - 540 Million active users
LinkedIn - 259 Million active users
Twitter - 232 Million active users
Instagram - 150 Million active users
Pinterest - 70 Million active users

You don't have to quit Facebook. Your friends, family, and exes are there! Just go over to and creating a free account is easy. It does need to be tied to a GMail account so if you have one that you want to use, sign in to GMail first and it will make your G+ account creation that much quicker and easier. Finally, look me up on there at

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