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Pricing for Consulting & Support

revised June 18, 2018

Remote. All of the following services are billed at $100 per hour with one-half hour minimum including but not limited to:

- Consulting/advice/brainstorming
- Training
- Maintenance
- Phone or email support (we prefer email)
- New features
NOTE: Billed in 1/2 hour increments, rounding up. Example:

- Fifteen minutes is billed as one-half hour;
- Thirty minutes is billed as one-half hour;
- Forty minutes is billed as one hour;
- One and 1/4 hour is billed as 1.5 hours;
- Etc.

NOTE: If the issue is determined to be a bug or otherwise problem caused by OceanMedia, there will be no fee.

Rush work will be billed at $150 per hour.

Travel (outside Austin) cost:

$800 plus expenses, per day. One day minimum. 



Why do I need to pay you $50 for 15 minutes of work? It doesn't seem fair!


You get what you pay for. Those of you who have run a business where time is a commodity will hopefully understand.


First, we want to be clear that if you email us to schedule a project that is in a time frame that works for both of us then you pay our typical hourly rate with a 30 minute minimum. You are only technically paying more [per minute] if you use less than an hour of our time and those are projects we try to do on the spot. Most of our clients appreciate this quick response.

At OceanMedia we are currently receiving an average of 10 mini-projects each day and half of them are "Need ASAP!" projects.
If they were all as quick-to-do as 10-15 minutes, that means 10 projects x 15 minutes = 150 minutes, which is almost 3 hours! Please imagine yourself waking up and spending the first 3 hours of your day doing free work.

This also does not take into account the price paid by us, the workers, when our flow is interrupted by a request to do something else and the time it takes to put one project aside, pull up another, work on it, communicate with the client, etc. This all has an impact.

In the past: So many of these mini-projects seem too small to bill for. We want to be "nice/generous" and it is hard to ask someone to pay for 15 minutes of work but then giving away 6 hours every day was making a huge impact. So now we are getting into the habit of keeping a running list for each client.

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