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How to create rules in Outlook Express

If you use email for much in your daily work (and even personal), it can save you a lot of time to use them. First you create subfolders in your inbox. I assume you may already have some of those since just keeping everything in your inbox would be a pain. Try this please. I guarantee you that you will find this very helpful. 
In Outlook Express:
(a) if there is not already a "scott swain" folder, create one. I believe right-clicking on your inbox will bring up a submenu where you can "add folder".
(b) click on the last email message I sent you.
(c) go up to menu at top... "message" and then "create rule from message"
(d) in box 1 leave "Where the From line contains people" checked.
(e) in box 2 check "Move it to the specified folder".
(f) in box 3 it probably already shows the folder you just created so it should be ok.
(g) in box 4 name the rule "scott swain".
(h) click OK.
Voila! NOW every time you get mail from me, it is automatically sent into the "scott swain" folder.

There are many ways this kind of thing can be useful.
For one, you can also, when creating the rule, in box 2 (actions) you can checkbox "mark it as read". This way if you have emails that come to you every day that you don't want to look at but you still want them stored, you can check this box.


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