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Hosting Policy

(1) OceanMedia reserves the right to refuse* hosting at any time for any reason, including the following:

(a) Client is using OceanMedia's hosting server(s) to send spam**.

(b) Client is participating in activities OceanMedia strongly objects to.

(c) Client refuses to keep "clean" mailbox(es). Our advanced mail server software, SmarterMail, allows client to log in via web interface, check email, send email, create folders and rules (like in Outlook), control their spam filter settings, add to trusted senders list, manage their inbox, "junk mail" folder, "deleted items", "sent items", etc. This interface also allows Client to log in and add/remove/edit email accounts/users. Default expectation with hosting is that Client (you) will do all this for yourself as well as monitor your users (your employees) and encourage your users to keep their folders from getting too large. If Client wants OceanMedia to maintain these features for them, additional fees will be charged.

(d) Communication between Oceanmedia representatives and Client is not to either party's liking.

(e) OceanMedia representatives' values do not align with the perceived values of the Client.


* Refuse: Whether client is already a paying client of OceanMedia or not. If client is a paying client, OceanMedia will strive to work out a fair refund as well as make sure Client has found another host before turning off their hosting on OceanMedia's servers. Being fair and generous is important to us.

** Spam: This term can be subjective. A Client may purchase a list of email addresses with assurance from the seller that these are email addresses of people who signed up and approved their email be shared. The Client (and many others) might consider email sent to that list to not be spam. However, OceanMedia considers it spam. We prefer to err on the safe side. Getting blacklisted is merely one negative outcome of sending spam.

(2) OceanMedia is not obligated to allow hosted clients to use OceanMedia's SMTP server for sending outgoing mail.

Some providers, notably DSL, make it hard to get to any mail servers but their own. If you are having difficulty sending mail through OceanMedia's SMTP server, even after having tried all solutions found here, OceanMedia strongly recommends you use your Internet Provider's SMTP server. If you don't know the settings, phone them. In addition, if you send large files or mass emails, OceanMedia may ask you to use your ISP's SMTP servers for sending email to take pressure of our servers. Using your ISP's SMTP servers is something we recommend to all of our clients.

(3) It is not OceanMedia's responsibility to help you fix your computer.

It is not OceanMedia's responsibility to help you fix your Email program (Outlook, Outlook Express, Mac Mail, etc), your office network, or your Internet connection. 

All that said, we appreciate your using us for your Austin Web Hosting and Email Hosting needs. Our number one goal is to keep you happy.
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