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Email Hosting

Thank you for visiting OceanMedia. We are a one-stop shop for all your email hosting and hosting needs.
Email hosting clients, instructions for setup

What we offer

Pricing (includes web hosting)

Unlimited (within reason) Email addresses on our advanced web mail system where you can log in and add/remove/edit email accounts, manage spam settings, etc. *Please read OceanMedia's Hosting Policy.
Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, and Nokia sync!
Powerful web mail features: Outlook Calendar, Contacts, and Notes sync. More here (please look at features under "Enterprise Edition" column)
Stat reporting available for your site! See example.
Multi-processor servers; web mail  power/speed.
Off-site backups every other day. More on security at OceanMedia.
Big bandwidth means your site comes up fast .

Note: Huge discounts for email-only hosting.

Small/personal/artist site
40 meg space
$25 one-time setup fee

Sole Proprietor size site
400 meg space
$50 one-time setup fee
starts at $25/mo

Business class site
4 gig (4,000 meg) space
$100 one-time setup fee
starts at $50/mo

Enterprise class site
40 gig (40,000 meg) space
$200 one-time setup fee
starts at $150/mo

No email hosting term contract required!
Prices are negotiable.
Large sites will require higher hosting fees. Hosting fee depends primarily on three factors: How much bandwidth your site uses, how large in kilobytes your site is (if you use our web hosting, too), and how many pages. Other factors may influence the hosting fee such as if your customers are downloading music or videos from your site.

Read our hosting policy for Austin email hosting.
Read our Privacy Policy.
We appreciate you choosing us for your email hosting needs!
based in Austin, Texas site map Contact us for a free estimate now.